Add new deals

    Post new deals with the following info:&

  • deal info,
  • end date/time countdown,
  • min/max orders per user,
  • max orders per deal,
  • purchases needed to activate deal,
  • original price/price after discount

Integrated payments

    Different payment options:&

  • Integrated PayPal payments
  • Integrated Authorize.net payments
  • Option to accept credit cards
  • Option to pay with site credits
  • Add your own payment gateway
  • SSL support for secure payments

Share & discuss the deals

  • Share the deal with Twitter
  • Send an email to friend
  • Share the deal with Facebook
  • Refer a friend and get a reward
  • Add comments for every deal
  • Discuss deals on the site’s forum

Other features

  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Show your latest Twitter posts
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Facebook Connect
  • SSL support
  • Buy coupon for a friend

Newsletters & Coupons

  • Automatically sent newsletters
  • Unique coupon codes
  • Export all subscribers to CSV
  • Export coupons for any campaign
  • View coupons also in profile
  • Export coupons in different formats


  • Admin stats in dashboard
  • Charts with all user types
  • Charts with incomes
  • Companies can see their own stats
  • Logs about all payments
  • Integrated Google Analytics

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